Meet the team: Laura

September 7, 2022


Meet Laura. She is our latest (and greatest) member of the team. With a get up and go attitude, Laura has an exciting energy and enthusiasm for designing with care for the environment. Having just completed a masters in Interior Architecture at the University of Portsmouth, Laura, joined us as an Interior Architect. She is working on a mixed use retrofit project for a 50’s building in Covent Garden.

She has answered a few questions to help you all get to know her a bit better.

What inspires you?

With an appreciation for the natural world, I am inspired by the relationship we have with the environment and how we can evolve with it in context of climate crisis. This translates into making sustainable decisions both in my personal life and through design.

What do you like the most about your work?

I like designing for people, creating real designs which will impact their lives.

What would your ideal project be?

Ideal project is something with arches! I love interesting architectural features which add character to a project. Working on existing buildings especially with arches or a unique material framework which can tell a story make a really engaging project for me.

What made you want to join the lab_?

I really like the flexible and collaborative atmosphere.

If you could change one thing within the industry, what would it be?

It takes too long for the industry to come around to the use of innovative materials and technologies in order to be effective in effort to change the way we design. The design and construction industry is often driven by consumerism, creating quick but perhaps wasteful solutions. Alternatives in forms of sustainable materials and technologies might not always be the most commercially viable, therefore it is taking a too long for them to be widely implemented in the industry, slowing progress in our approach to sustainable design.